CFO Leadership

The Challange

The career journey for most Finance professionals is split into two distinct parts. The first half, comprising of early to mid-career is usually easier and smoother with faster learning and growth. The technical knowledge gained during the accountancy qualification process and some managerial talent helps a lot in this phase.

The second half, comprised of mid to late career however, is complicated and narrow. Growth opportunities are fewer with tough competition. Learning path for further leadership development is unclear and unstructured. Technical knowledge remains important but what really matters for further growth is leadership talent and strategic mindset.

Unfortunately, no formal education or training is usually available for mid-career Finance professionals in this particular area. Top business schools are beyond the reach of the most due to time constraint or cost prohibition.

The core purpose of the CFO Academy is to fill this gap and provide practical learning and development opportunities to mid-career finance professionals at affordable cost. After 2 years of thorough research and surveys among the successful top CFOs it has come up with a ‘CFO Leadership Competency Model’ (shown below) which is a critical path for mid-career Finance professionals to rise to the top.

The coaching and training programs currently offered by the CFO Academy provide the most practical insight, tips, tactics and strategies for mid-career Finance professionals to jump start in these critical leadership competencies and can save 5-10 years over their career lifecycle.

Committee Members
Rajesh Pareek
Chief Financial Officer
DIFC, Dubai
George Riding
SAP Middle East Region
Andrew Lindley
Abjar Group of Hotels
Nauman Asif Mian
Chief Financial Officer
Paul Gyles
Finance Director
Middle East, ISG
Abdul WahabSoofi
Director Finance
ARMS Group
Samir Shahid
Alliott Hadi Shahid
Faraz Ahmed Siddiqui
CFO/Group Finance Manager
Infinity Holding, Abu Dhabi
Saleem Sufi