About Us

MECA CFO Academy

The MECA CFO Academy has been established mainly to help CFOs upgrade the quality of their Finance organizations by providing ongoing professional and leadership development to their Finance staff. The creation of the CFO Academy is a result of the vision of MECA Founder Saleem Sufi who is on a mission to enhance the role and contribution of Finance profession. The programs offered by the CFO Academy range from enhancing functional proficiency to high-end advanced level strategy and leadership development workshops that cater to the needs of senior Finance professionals.

Corporate Membership Program

MECA CFO Academy is offering a Corporate Membership Programs through which the member companies will have access to at least 12 diverse professional development programs during a 12-month period for their Finance Professionals. These one-day live, in-person workshops shall be conducted by top trainers and Finance practitioners at local 5-star hotels in Dubai.

Through a nominal annual fee the member companies will have one or two seats available at each professional training program that can be utilized by any of their Finance staff members depending on the suitability and time schedule of the program. These programs are offered throughout the year and conducted by highly qualified and experienced professionals.

PAC Dubai

PAC Dubai is partnering with MECA CFO Academy to provide local administrative and professional support. The Professionals’ Academy for Commerce (PAC)originally founded in 1987 is one of the leading Professional Accounting educational institutions in Dubai that is operating under the leadership of Mian Ahmad Farhan, FCA. PAC Dubai has so far trained more than 2,500 Finance professional students towards their ambition to become qualified professional accountants.

Our Experts and Faculty
Saleem Sufi
Global Strategic CFO & Founder
MECA CFO Alliance
Kurt Ramin
Director KPR Associates
Former Partner PwC (USA)
Robby Zahr
Al Jabr Group
Anand Soni
Group CFO
Mian Ahmad Farhan
Roberto Wyszkowski
ShiftIN Partners
Maitham Al Oraibi
2GC Active Management
Dr. Shaik Moulali
Director Corporate Training
Matthew Lewis
Boyden Executive Search
Mohamad Nassar
Grant Thornton
Fintan Somers
International CFO
Dr. Hadi Shahid
Managing Partner
Alliott Hadi Shahid